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Dr Tanya Stephenson is currently offering a limited number of free workshops in schools for secondary school students. The workshops are aimed at supporting teenagers to develop a strong sense of identity, and equipping them with tools and strategies that will set them up for success as they become more aware of their beliefs and thought patterns.

Why is this important?

In today's world, teenagers and young adults are facing more pressures than ever before. From social media to academic expectations, what they hear from the adults in their lives, and the pressure faced from peers, as well as the impacts flowing on from Covid-19 and lockdowns, it can be difficult for them to form a strong sense of identity as they are pulled in different directions. However, developing a strong identity is crucial for success and well-being.

  • A clear identity makes people more resilient, reflective, and autonomous in the pursuit of important life decisions, while promoting a sense of competence.

  • Teenagers who have a strong sense of identity are more likely to make healthy choices and have a positive outlook on life. They are also better equipped to navigate the challenges of adolescence, such as peer pressure and academic stress, and beyond.


  • Teenagers who lack a strong sense of identity may struggle with self-esteem and confidence. They may be more likely to engage in risky behaviors or experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

  • Students with a strong sense of identity and confidence, and self-awareness contribute towards a  create a healthier and more positive school climate.


  • More often than not, when adults seek help for anxiety and depression later in life, it tends to stem from experiences had during childhood and adolescence. Helping students create a powerful identity early on in life can lead to continued positive impacts on mental health through adulthood.

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Limited workshops available, book now:


+61 451 102 545


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