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Permission starts in your mind

Give yourself the gift of growth and freedom.

Dr Tanya Stephenson is a Mental Health and Peak Performance Coach, Psychotherapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, dedicated to empowering people towards overcoming challenges and succeeding in all areas of their lives - whether you're grappling with specific challenges, seeking overall well-being, wanting positive shifts in relationships, career, or business, or simply seeking trusted guidance and support on your personal or professional journey.

Through her solution-based approach which incorporates a unique blend of cutting-edge techniques and tools such as hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Tanya empowers individuals to break through barriers and reprogram their minds for resounding success. 

Exceeding All Expectations

Dr. Tanya Stephenson is a compassionate and empathetic psychotherapist and coach who is dedicated to providing her clients with a safe and non-judgmental space to explore their thoughts, emotions, and challenges. She firmly believes in the power of genuine connections and building a therapeutic alliance based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Free Strategy Session

Take advantage of a complimentary 1-hour strategy session where we will delve into your goals, challenges, and aspirations. Together, we'll chart a powerful path towards empowering you on your journey to personal growth and success.

30-Day Breakthrough Intensive

(Clinical Hypnotherapy - Rapid Transformation Therapy)

Replace limiting beliefs and actions with confident new behaviours & practices that empower you. Rewire healthier and more beneficial beliefs and patterns into your subconscious. By changing the thinking behind your actions, you are free to change your behaviour.

Results-Driven Coaching for Growth and Success

Unlock the life you desire with Tanya's results-driven therapeutic approach. Through a unique blend of powerful coaching and light-touch therapy, you'll crush your goals and emerge as the best version of yourself.


Together, you will:

  • Create a crystal-clear vision and set meaningful goals that ignite your passion.

  • Discover your core values and priorities, empowering you to make decisions with ease and confidence.

  • Experience profound fulfilment in your relationships, career or business, and social life.

  • Develop unwavering trust in your instincts and master the art of navigating once-confusing situations.

  • Embrace change without feeling overwhelmed, unleashing your resilience and adaptability.

  • Live with purpose, never losing sight of who you truly are.

Telehealth & Video Appointments Available

Telehealth and video appointments are now available! Dr Stephenson is dedicated to making sure you have access to the care and support you need, no matter where you are. With Telehealth, you can securely connect from the comfort of your own home. Dr Tanya Stephenson offers convenient video appointments that are private and easy to use. By utilising Telehealth, you will receive the same quality of care you would in person. 

Working Together

A powerful, solution-based approach.

Stress and Adjustment

Sleep difficulties

Relationship problems

Grief and loss

Workplace conflict


Generalised anxiety and worry

Social anxiety



Obsessive compulsive disorder

Self esteem and confidence

Adolescent Psychology

Anxiety and depression

Developing independence and self-identity​

Drugs and alcohol



Supporting parents

Performance Enhancement

Sports performance

Corporate and business coaching

Life/work/sport balance

Academic performance

Exam performance/stress

Soulful Therapy for Empowered Living

Step forward in your healing and transformation journey with Dr. Tanya and her  dedication in guiding you towards overcoming your inner barriers and rewiring your mind for success.

Through her solution-focused approach and harmonious blend of the most effective principles from a range of transformative techniques, Tanya empowers you to take courageous steps towards creating the life you deserve. 


Together, you will create a thriving space for healing and growth. Tanya's compassionate guidance and skilful integration of powerful modalities will uncover your path to self-discovery, personal empowerment, and lasting change.

Gillian O'Connor

PhD Student (and busy mum of two)

"Before I started Breakthrough Blueprint, I felt continually stressed and exhausted. Tanya has been absolutely wonderful in helping me to stay focus and realise what I value most. Through the program and through our sessions, I have gained so much clarity - I feel so much better, more confident, and ready!"

Gina Wang

PhD Student

With an upbeat soul and great vibe, Tanya builds people up. Through discussions and questions, she helps you find the possible solutions to your issues and through this process, your stress will be relieved and confidence will be built up. What she is doing is not solely soothing and comforting, she guides you to the light and perceives problems as a task to complete. Thank you Tanya!

Alani PK


Thank you so much Tanya for your wonderful support. You made it so much easier to figure out how things can be done. I truly love your work. Bringing up others' confidence is a huge success. Pushing them to be better. Making me follow the path I needed the's huge. Thank you so much.



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Dr Tanya Stephenson

Dr Tanya Stephenson

Mental Health & Peak Performance Coach, Psychotherapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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